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Delivery within 48 hours*

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 4.5/5 Rating

Delivery within 48 hours*

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Original Developer

4.5/5 Rating

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifespan of the Stortslurf®?

The Stortslurf® is very solid and specially made for dumping various types of rubble. However, it is a product that is subject to wear and tear. The factors that influence the duration of use are the type, size and weight of the rubble, the way in which you have installed the Stortslurf® and how tightly you have stretched it. Of course, the intensity of use is an important factor in the lifespan of the product. Many customers report that the Stortslurf® is still completely intact after they have used it. The product will last for at least 4- 5 cubic meters of rubbish.

Can I use the Stortslurf® without the funnel?

Yes, the Stortslurf® can be used without a funnel. However, we recommend the use of a filling funnel as this simplifies handling and installation. We offer a funnel ourselves.

How many stories can I use the Stortslurf® for?

A single Stortslurf® is 3 meters long and therefore suitable for about 1 story. If you need two stories, you can buy two pieces and simply connect them together. We tested the product ourselves up to a height of 27 metres. We have had customers who have used it for more than 30 metres, but we cannot guarantee safety at that height.

What kind of rubble can I use with the Stortslurf®?

We have tested the Stortslurf® with a positive result in concrete work, glass and wood demolition work. We have also done extensive tests with sharp materials such as wood with nails. Our product is also often used for pouring gravel and sand. Make sure that the hose is properly tightened and not kinked. Tighten the Stortslurf® as vertically as possible (especially in the case of heavy and sharp debris) to avoid unnecessary damage and to optimise the lifespan.

Do I have to use the Stortslurf® vertically?

We recommend using the Stortslurf® as vertically as possible. Many customers also install the product more horizontally, only this will wear down the product faster.

What is the delivery time?

If ordered on a business day before 9PM, the order will be delivered within 2 days.

Can I shorten the Stortslurf® (intermediate size)?

Yes, the Stortslurf® has connecting loops at 3 points. A set at the bottom, a set in the middle and a set at the top. If you are going to connect 2 (or more) parts, you can choose how far you let the second part slide over the first. If you choose to connect the second part to the lower set of loops of the first part, the total length is longer than when you choose to connect the second part to the middle set of loops of the first part.

How much does the Stortslurf® cost?

All prices can be found here

How do I connect the Stortslurf® with another part?

The Stortslurf® contains loops that can be easily connected together with musketeer hooks, sturdy rope or robust Ty-Raps. Of course there are other ways to connect them, as long as they form a solid connection.

We provide free and sufficient connection materials with every order.

Can I pay on account?

We automatically send an invoice after each order. If you have a company and want to pay on account, you can place your order using the contact form. We will then send you a purchase invoice.

How do I attach the product to a window without a frame?

You can attach the Stortslurf® to the hooks on the funnel. Through those same hooks you can thread a strap, chain or a piece of rope. Attach the end of it to the frame. If there is no frame, you can attach it to another object: radiator under the window, hook in the wall, bed leg etc. By playing with the length of the strap, you can make sure that the funnel (with the Stortslurf® attached) hangs perfectly outside the window.

In short: no frame is needed to attach the product.

Can I dump the rubble in a wheelbarrow or Big Bag?

Absolutely! It is not necessary to use a debris container. However, we do recommend that you secure the rubble hose tightly.